Frequently Asked Questions

  • is the pavilion available for reservation?

    Yes. The pavilion is available for reservation, much like our indoor meeting spaces. The pavilion has running water, a bathroom, ceiling fans, granite counter tops and a sink. You may also request access to our outdoor tables and chairs for your event or organization. For more information please call the office or send us an email, . 

  • What can i expect during worship?

    You can expect to hear scripture readings, uplifting music, and inspiring messages. We hope that you will make a meaningful connection with God and with others here. You won't be pointed out as a visitor or made to feel singled out in any way.  We do pass an offering plate before Communion at each service but please do not feel obligated to give if you are visiting. We want you to feel at home here so if you are unsure about something we do in worship, just ask someone nearby. All are welcome at Christ's table for Communion. Believing that God is the host and offers grace and healing here, together, we don't exclude anybody.

  • how do i become a christian?

    In the waters of baptism, we physically identify with Christ's death and resurrection, believing that God meets us with forgiveness and grace, and the Holy Spirit comes to us. At one's baptism, a person is publicly received into the Christian community and publicly claimed as a child of God. We believe people of any age can be baptized; when a child is baptized, parents or guardians make a commitment to raise their child in the Christian faith and community. You don't have to be a member of St. Matthew's to receive baptism here, but it is preferred that you and your family are somehow involved and connected with a faith community. If you would like to schedule a baptism, please talk to Pastor Hollis, Pastor Laura or Deacon Rich Paul.

  • may i have my wedding or hold a funeral here?

    Absolutely! Please call the church office at 242-3293 to talk about arranging your wedding or funeral at St. Matthew's and for more details, as our calendar fills up quickly with various events and we do have some restrictions with regard to services and use of space.  

    For weddings: Any couple, regardless of gender, is welcome to get married here. Per canon law of the Episcopal Church, each couple must receive pre-marital counseling, usually from the officiating clergy. Only sacred music is allowed for church weddings. Please call to speak to one of our pastors about planning your special day.

    For funerals:  We care for you as you grieve. We try to limit the number of family members who are asked to speak, as the grieving process may make it difficult to speak well and meaningfully at the funeral. The pastors are available to help you plan an appropriate funeral with scripture and music, and will provide a eulogy. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

  • is it ok for my club or organization to use st. matthew's for a meeting space?

    Yes. Please click here to download our Facility Use Request form and submit it to the office, either in person or via email, . We wish we could offer our space for free but we do have utilities and cleaning fees to consider. Our facility use fees are as follows:

    • $20 up to 2 hours - small rooms
    • $50 up to 3 hours - gathering space
    • $75 up to 3 hours - gathering space and kitchen
    • Private Parties: Gathering space and kitchen up to 5 hours - Church Members $100; non-Church Members $150