St. Matthew's Search Committee

The Search Committee was commissioned in July 2019 to find our next rector. We are diligently working to gather information from our parishioners about our expectations and wishes for a new rector, and for the future of St. Matthew's. This page will be updated periodically to keep the congregation updated on how we are progressing. We will provide updates in bulletins, in announcements, in newsletters. 

    • August 14, 2019

      The Search Committee for our new rector was commissioned on Sunday, July 14. We have been hard at work since then, getting to know each other, and getting organized. We understand this very important task ahead of us and will do our best to represent your wishes as we prepare the documents required for the search. We are meeting every week, and every week we all have homework to do to prepare for the next meeting.

      We are reviewing in-depth the two surveys which were completed in February and June.

      We have established two sub-committees – one to focus on completing our Parish Profile, and one to organize parish meetings. The Parish Profile gives others information about us, our ministries, our worship practices, and our wishes for a new rector; it is one of the documents required to be sent to the diocese. This document will reside on our website, and you will have access to it as soon as we have completed it.

      We have reviewed other congregation’s Parish Profiles so that we learn from what others have done.

      But before we can complete the Parish Profile, we will be asking you to help us. In addition to the surveys you may have already completed, we will conduct parish meetings, both at church and in parishioners’ homes, so that you have the opportunity to discuss our collective wishes for our church and our new rector; look for more information about those as we begin to plan them in September.

      A suggestion box has been placed in the gathering space for any other comments you may have about what you would like to see in a new rector. As you think of characteristics you would like to see in a new rector, please take time to write those down on paper and put in the suggestion box. We are adding those to our list as we get them.

      We will strive to give you updates in the announcements and newsletters of the church. We will also have a separate page on our website so that you can go there for the latest news.

      We are working together to ensure we best represent what you want in a new rector. Please keep us all in your prayers!

      Bruce Noble (

      Robbie Breaux (

      Search Committee Co-chairs