Here you will discover St. Matthew's welcome statement to everyone, location, and ways to contact the office. 

About Us

We're excited to meet you! You can learn more about us HERE.

  • A very brief introduction to the Episcopal Church, a bit about our beliefs, and a short introduction to the Way of Love from our Presiding Bishop, Micheal Curry. 

  • Brief description of our worship services with times and locations. 

  • Brief bios of paid staff. Together we are but a tiny portion of the ministry that happens here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

HERE we offer information about scheduling to use our PAVILION, meeting rooms, holding a wedding or funeral and yet more information about worship. 


    HERE you will learn about all the stuff we do inside the walls and outside in the community. You're invited to deepen your relationship with God through many and varied practices. 


    You're invited to use these links to find things like Newsletters & Announcements, Ministry Schedules, Events Calendars, and Donate to St. Matthew's. 

    • Newsletters & Announcements

      Newsletters from our ALL DIGITAL Evangel. Announcements for a more condensed version can be found here

    • Ministry Schedules

      Thank you for the ministry you do! Here's where you can find out when you're doing what you do. 

    • Events Calendar

      We all want to be on the same page about what's happening when, where and with whom. Calendars help. HERE's ours.