Pastor Laura'S October Message

Dear Siblings in Christ,


St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church continues its’ strong reputation in the Diocese of Colorado, in the region, in our neighborhoods and indeed in the world- through our mission work, inspiring worship and leadership. We share a strong vision for Christ’s Gospel being lived out in service, worship and with children and youth. We are true to our tradition and innovating- reaching both cradle Episcopalians and spiritual seekers from other traditions and those new to faith. This congregation has lifted up and found excellent leadership. For the tradition, for leadership, innovation and all we have we give thanks. 


St. Matthew’s is moving into our shared future with prayer and hope. The church is the people not the building. I have the privilege of spending the most time around the church as the only full time employee. That means I see you all doing your thing- from fixing a flat on the bus (you know who you are), to arranging to get folks clothes that need them (you’re a great team,) to the big events like the chili cook-off, it truly is a cast of thousands to create the milieu of faith that is this church. For this church to thrive it has been very much like a Busby Berkeley musical number- everybody doing their part to make it amazing.  I see you teaching and learning from one another everyday. Thank you!


The past four months have seen a new room for our growing Children’s Ministry, we now have a younger children’s room and a middler’s room with different lesson plans. We’ve seen a growing Youth Group and added a new staff person to support this ministry. We’ve had wonderful bible studies led by able experts. Dear ones, our future is bright. In worship we’ve seen the deepening of faith of young people- even the connecting of faith and life with toddlers and infants as our nursery grows with a curriculum. 

Our outreach is thriving. Our special events, worship and initiative continue to affect the Grand Valley in positive ways. Some pastors ask search committees when interviewing, “If this church were to close tomorrow, how would the community be impacted?” For St. Matthew’s, it would be a tremendous loss because we are outside our doors all the time thanks to our able Deacon and the work done in coordination with our Outreach team. We make the connection between faith and service every day. Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate and Anglican has said, “Against the canker of worldly division, the church is also the alternative society of the God who reigns... She is compassionate and caring in a world of harshness and insensitivity. Where people are mere statistics, she shows the value God places on human beings. Where there is grasping and selfishness, she provides communion for all members to enjoy in the present age. The church is the light of the world, the hope of the hopeless through the power of God. She works to transfigure a situation of hate and suspicion.” This is most certainly true. 




Pastor Laura

The Rev. Laura Stephenson, Associate Pastor

Our Associate Pastor Laura Stephenson is a Colorado native and joined us in January 2018. She loves to read, walk, and laugh. She hails from the chaplaincy and missionary worlds, having served in varied settings from Indonesia to Oregon. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with certificates in Community Leadership and a minor in Geography. She holds a Master of Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California.