News from the Dominican Republic

Dear Partners in Mission,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry!

God brought me into the PT teaching realm formally back in 2012 with the change of director of the PT school at the Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo.  I have recently learned that there is change afoot in that same role once again.  With the departure of Jilmary, my colleague and friend, from the PT school and the arrival of the as yet unnamed new director, I don’t know how this will affect my teaching.  While I enjoy teaching, the university has revealed some of their underlying philosophy about students and their rights that concern me.  Some of this I already knew, but with Jilmary sharing my understanding that not all students are capable of being licensed physical therapists, I’ve been able to teach with only minor issues.  Should the new director hold closer to the university’s philosophy, it might not be the right place for me to be for much longer. 

Please pray that God selects the new director and that God shows me how to be involved in the future.  May God bless and guide you in all you do!

In Christ,


Missionary Cathy Donahoe

Cathy Danahoe, a physical therapist licensed and trained in Colorado, moved to the Dominican Republic in May 2007 to work as a missionary with Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana. She is a missionary with SAMS, the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, formerly known as the South American Missionary Society. Her primary sending church is St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Grand Junction, Colorado. The city of San Pedro de Marcoris is about one hour east of the capital and is home to the Clinica Episcopal Esperanza y Caridad. Cathy works with physical Therapy students in the capital and helped open a PT clinic within the Clinica Episcopal Santa Cruz in Santa Fe, an outer barrio of San Pedro. 

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