News from the Dominican Republic

Dear Partners in Mission,

As I am writing this, we are into Holy Week.  The church here has secular support in certain ways, as schools are closed and most all businesses close on Good Friday, with many closed Maundy Thursday as well.  However, it is also a time where the non-church folks head to the beaches and rivers for vacation.  There is always a heightened emergency presence on the highways, with sad statistics at the end of it all with how many fatalities from accidents and drownings, even with the educational campaigns for safe and prudent driving.  Locally, there are usually ga-ga’as on Good Friday, which are a form of parade with people in costumes, tooting distinctive horns and dancing in the streets.  There are times the competing ga-ga’as meet and conflicts can arise.  Most of the Dominican Christians I know consider this to be a form of satanic worship.  All of this is part of Semana Santa here.

So, why tell you all of this?  I don’t know, except to share a bit about how another culture approaches this sacred week.  Jesus knew what was coming His way and so do we.  As we walk through Holy Week, we have the opportunity to take time to think about how Jesus continued teaching, shedding light into the lives of those around Him, even knowing a painful and humiliating death awaited in a few days’ time.  Jesus didn’t want to go through it, but knew that there was an amazing gift for us on the other side.  May we each receive that gift with joy!

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry and I pray that you have been able to deepen your connection with Christ throughout Lent and Holy Week!

In Christ,


Missionary Cathy Donahoe

Cathy Danahoe, a physical therapist licensed and trained in Colorado, moved to the Dominican Republic in May 2007 to work as a missionary with Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana. She is a missionary with SAMS, the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, formerly known as the South American Missionary Society. Her primary sending church is St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Grand Junction, Colorado. The city of San Pedro de Marcoris is about one hour east of the capital and is home to the Clinica Episcopal Esperanza y Caridad. Cathy works with physical Therapy students in the capital and helped open a PT clinic within the Clinica Episcopal Santa Cruz in Santa Fe, an outer barrio of San Pedro. 

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