Youth & Family Ministries

At Saint Matthew’s we believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and we are committed to our children and families in every possible way! It is important to develop a strong sense of community and trust within our families and with each other. The morals that we teach our youth today will help bring our children into healthy, well balanced adulthood, in turn, leading the path for success throughout their lives. Creating success through generations starts today; one child at a time. We all play different roles in the lives of our children, and each role helps to complete who they become. A strong sense of community and trust throughout our congregation helps us all develop strong, moral and advancing abilities to grow! Please join us in our quest to guide, nurture and love the future of tomorrow, starting with the kids of today! Contact Becky Vroman, for more details.

Youth Group

As our children grow, so does their ability to understand more advanced concepts and deeper meanings. What does it truly mean to be Christian? How does this work in 2019? Come explore these questions and meet other interesting teens. Middle school/high school youth group meets on Sunday after the 10 AM worship with a shared meal. Learn, play, serve, and grow! 

Talk to Justin Day or check the church office for more details.

(970) 242-3293 or