Hospitality is our middle name

Did you know that we (St. Matthew’s) are world famous for our hospitality? That’s right, they have heard about us all the way to Ireland!

We have an amazing gift for hospitality here at St. Matthew’s and we’re all invited to serve. We have a coffee hour following both the 8:00 service and the 10:00 service, offering a chance to catch up with our church friends, conduct business and meet newcomers. The 8:00 service coffee hour runs like a well oiled machine. (Wow you guys do a great job!). The 10:00 service coffee hour is currently growing. We all love the fellowship and time together. It takes minimal commitment to make it happen. The number one reason many are hesitant to volunteer is folks can’t always put out the spread that’s become the norm. It’s intimidating!

Dear Friends!  We just need a few cookies (one recipe usually makes 4 dozen and there is no shame in store bought) and a healthy alternative such as fruit OR cheese and crackers. St. Matthew’s provides the coffee and lemonade. We need not provide brunch.

Our goal is for 4 people/couples/families sign up each Sunday; 3 bring cookies and 1 the healthy alternative. Never done coffee hour? Don’t know what to do? Don’t worry I’ll be there to help. What’s more, there are many other people who will jump in to assist if you would like help. The instructions for making the coffee are posted in the kitchen or grab me at church, I’ll be happy to show you how. We’d never expect you to do this ministry alone.

You’re invited to sign up anytime at <> on our website at <> or in the hospitality area.


Sue Emerson, Jr. Warden for Hospitality